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Based on the latest trends in smartphone development, NeoMEMS offer a series of miniature MEMS microphones with high quality and excellent performance.

Nowadays, along with the miniaturization of mobile devices, more and more functionalities are integrated into the devices. Because of the larger space occupied by the display screen, there is less space remaining in smartphones for other components. The interference among the more and more densely packed components becomes larger and larger, resulting in worse and worse EMI environment, particularly from antenna, within smartphones. NeoMEMS recommend customers choose MEMS microphones with different levels of immunity to EMI according to the intensity of interference from GSM antenna to greatly reduce the GSM noise.

In addition, the noise cancellation function ensures that it works well in highly noisy environments such as train stations or cinemas. Because our microphones can cut the ambient noise from all directions and preserve voice signal quality hence improve overall sound quality and clarity in voice communication.