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To meet the demand of miniaturized components in ultra-thin notebooks, NeoMEMS offer a series of MEMS microphones with small footprint, high quality, and excellent performance. These products can help notebook designers save precious space, decrease the size of their products, and reduce the overall cost.

Today, along with the miniaturization and digitization of mobile devices, digital voice pickup devices and technology are needed urgently, and more and more functionalities are integrated into the devices. The performance of microphones in laptops can be degraded by the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals through radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic interference (EMI) since they are generally placed close to those units, so there is higher and higher requirement for the devices to reject EMI. In addition, in the 3-in-1 applications where Internet, audio and video communications occur simultaneously, environmental noise and echo are usually encountered in mobile devices. In view of this, NeoMEMS recommend our digital MEMS microphone because, other than space-saving, its excellent immunity to EMI can reduce the influence of built-in antennas of laptops. Furthermore, our unique small array microphone voice processing technology can effectively suppress and eliminate echo and ambient noise in audio communication. Meanwhile, the digital interface makes it very simple and convenient to couple with other digital systems.

NeoMEMS have a lot of know-how and a number of patents for microphone packaging. And we are very good at collaborating with customers and helping customers solve problems.