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The R&D center of  NeoMEMS Technologies, Inc. (NeoMEMS) is located in the world-famous silicon valley of California, USA. Silicon valley is well-known for its innovation and industrialization of cutting-edge technologies in the world. The headquarters and R&D centers of the most influential high-tech companies in the world like Apple, Google, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Oracle, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all based here. NeoMEMS, under this inspiring and dynamic environment, has established its own unique corporate culture of creativity and innovation, which includes:

1.Top-down Approach in R&D Management and Formulating Innovation Strategy:
CEO is directly involved in the R&D strategy formulation  process and is the person whom the director of technology reports to. This direct  connection between CEO and technology specialists properly interweaves the corporate culture with its innovation strategy and business strategy. The top-down approach in leadership is the key to an innovation strategy that is fully understood and unanimously supported by all. This innovation strategy is in accordance with the overall business strategy, and has been successfully implemented in the corporation. 

2.An Open-Minded and  Adaptive Product R&D Team:
The R&D team works in a very open-minded atmosphere. We are constantly seeking talented people with an innovative spirit. New ideas and original thoughts, both from internal discussion and external innovative activities, are always welcome in NeoMEMS.   

3.Focus on Customer Needs:
NeoMEMS, being a customer-centric corporation, is always actively interacting with customers to understand better their current needs and future desires. NeoMEMS communicates directly  with the end users to find out their implicit needs, and takes the lead in offering new products and services to the market.

4.Emphasis on Team Work:
Teamwork is vital to the rapid and healthy growth of a modern corporation. It is essential to the success of a start-up business that needs the integrity and the drive to pursue common goals of team members.